Monday, April 28, 2008

First Armenian Linux Distribution

Operation System (OS) Linux is not well known in Armenia. Often it is used for internet providers and organizations as server. Linux as desktop for workstations is not far in use here in Armenia.

One of the problems may be OS language. For nowadays it is very important for many people to work on computer using native language. Basically it is necessary for pupils and kids in the preschool education.

That's means that we must provide our compatriots with such OS which has following options.

· Price simplicity: it means that the OS is free.

· Easy installation: the system should install needed software by default, and only for experts may be other options.

· OS functionality may take into consideration the preferences of software for Armenian users.

· OS in essence must be developed as Open Source, involving world-wide experience (we do not mean that our offered system must be the only Armenian OS. It is in great need to translate other OS, too. Simply, we want other users to have an opportunity to use free OS and software, which can be used on present, past and future computers.)

The author of the Hrat GNU/Linux project is Vardan Gevorgyan, who manages a small group of volunteers. The project is open, interested may join. More, we think that the success of the project and the power of considered system mostly relays on the compatriot's support.

The Hrat GNU/Linux OS is based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

Project can be supported in follow:

1. Translations
2. Package creations
3. Donation

1. Translation

Now we work on the web-site, which gives an opportunity for interested people (translators) to make translations on-line.
People who have made any translations will be involved in the file header as a translator.
Unless the web-site is in creation process the translations will be done by e-mail.

2. Package Creation

For this kind of support the deep computer skills are needed: especially in Linux OS.

3. Donation

The donation means payment for appropriate specialists and other OS support needs. For project donation soon the bank account will be opened.

Any kind of support is welcomed.
For any kind of information, visit and web-sites.

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